Listed below are the members of Jubilate Sacred Singers:


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Member Name   Classification
Madeline Anderson    2nd Alto
Gene Barnett   
Robin Berlin    Alto 1 or 2
Barb Cooper   
Bob Dodge    Bass 2
Barbara Donaldson    2nd Alto
Loren Donaldson    Tenor 1 and 2
Mary Ellsworth    Soprano 1
Grandin Hammell    2nd Bass
Deb Haverland    1st Soprano
Eliza Hines    1st Soprano
Betty Huff    1st Alto
JoAnn McChesney    Tenor 1, Alto 2
Mary Margaret Mitchell   
Barbara Nickerson    Alto 1
Bethany Niehaus    Soprano 1
Bruce Rose   
Marc Sammartano    1st Bass
Shelli Tillery    1st Soprano
D Wasmer    Soprano 2
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