Jubilate Sacred Singers Officers:

President Susan Zapata
President-Elect Grandin Hammell


Bruce Rose

Treasurer Loren Donaldson
Recording Secretary Bethany Niehaus
Member-At-Large (through 2020) Dee Wasmer
Member-At-Large (through 2019) Seanna Hartman

Artistic Director

Dr. J. Arturo Gonzalez

                          Committee Chairs:

General Manager Cindy Batka
Ass't Gen. Manager Bruce Rose
CD Recordings/Sales
Grandin Hammell
Communications Volunteer needed
Finance Rick Moody
Social Events
Irene and Bruce Rose
Special Events Bruce  Rose
Spiritual and Prayer Requests
Volunteer needed
Underwriting Volunteer needed
Venues Location
Madeline Anderson
Grants/Fundraising Rick Moody, Susan Zapata
Scrapbooking Volunteer needed


Membership Orientation Bruce Rose
Music Librarian Barbara Donaldson
Web Site Loren Donaldson


The Village Tavern, Broomfield, CO