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A Message from our President
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                                                                              2019, A New Season 

                                                                                                                                                                                       The New Year is well under way. By now, many resolutions have already been made and broken.  Not so for JubilBruce Roseate! - we are just getting started!  The last quarter of 2017 raised the bar for Jubilate! The Friends and Family concert was second-to-none.  Although our Christmas series was a slight deviation from our standard repertoire; what we did fulfilled our mission and made an impact on those for whom we performed.


Recently I ran across a statement from the great American choral conductor, Robert Shaw.

 "All of us want to come away with simply the joy of making music together, simply that happiness. 

And there are very few things that one can do in communion or unity with other human beings that do

 not diminish the human being and ennobles the human being - and ain't that just unbelievable!"


This statement encapsulates what music does for the human condition.  It is a blessing for me to be part of something so great.  In our current political climate, what we do is more important now than ever.  We can be agents of peace by following our mission "take music to those who need it" and spread the love of God through song.  The whole world needs music!


As president of Jubilate! Sacred Singers, my vision for the upcoming year is to continue our upward trajectory.

 I anticipate pursuing a small tour in the fall, another fabulous Friends and Family concert, more opportunities to connect with a larger audience and even a retreat or two to help our group bond. 


Thank you for trusting me to lead the group this year.  I am grateful for the opportunity and hope I can serve and represent Jubilate! at the level this organization deserves!


Faithfully Yours,

Susan Zapata, President


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