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A Message from our President
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Why do we sing?

 I believe that God always has a plan for us and puts inspiration all around us when we are least expecting it. Today was such a day.


A few months ago, prior to one of our performances, I was speaking to a few of my fellow choir members and mentioned that when we are rehearsing or performing, we are truly focused on only one thing, the music. There are no phone calls, e-mails, text messages, instant messages, notifications or social media competing for our attention. We are no longer multi-tasking – which incidentally, science has proven the brain is not technically capable of doing - rather, the brain simply switches focus from task-to-task quickly with no real focus on any one thing. Ultimately, this leads to short attention spans, inaccurate and lower quality work.


In music, there is only “single-tasking” which is good for us on many levels. Coincidentally, while listening to NPR’s “All Things Considered” during my first commute home from the office in months, I heard an an interview with Klaus Makela - the youngest individual to ever be named the Music Director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at a mere 28-years-old. He said, “As an audience member, I love going to concerts. I went last night to hear the Bach concert at the Chicago Symphony and I loved it. I sat down, I was without my phone. I didn't know anything was happening in the world. I was just in the moment, listening. And it gave me so much. What art gives us is something so timeless and so eternal and those are the values which last. It's the complete opposite of the kind of "use once" culture of today.” It felt good to hear someone so accomplished in the music industry say the same thing as I.


This may answer the question “what does music do for me?” I would challenge, what does music do for others? At Jubilate! Sacred Singers, our mission is to “take music to those who need it.” Everyone needs it. I live in a home with two teenage boys and find such joy when we are each doing our own individual things but finding music central to that. I love hearing music- regardless of the style - ringing throughout the house. When Jubilate! goes out into the community bringing our music, we are sharing joy, love, peace and hope.


I found even more inspiration recently on this theme when at a high school choir concert. Their closing piece was “Why we Sing” by Greg Gilpin. I will leave you with the lyrics of the piece because there is no better way of describing why we sing.


Yours in Song,

Shelli Tillery, President